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Rennet types – know them all today

Rennet Types - Rennet capsules

Rennet Types – Rennet capsules

Hi, Milk Fans

The different rennet types or milk coagulation enzymes are:

  • Rennet from animal origin
  • Rennet from GMO micro-organisms
  • Curdling enzymes from plants
  • Curdling enzymes from Non-GMO micro-organisms

Rennet from animal origin is the “mother” of rennets giving the highest yield and best taste.

Microbial rennet types from GMO micro-organisms has the same chemical composition as animal rennet, with some side reactions, but very close.   The comparison is basically like artificial vitamin C and natural vitamin C.

The curdling enzyme rennet types from plants like, figs, papaya, etc. are suitable for lacto-vegetarians.

Curdling enzymes from Non-GMO organisms are generally, Kosher, Halaal, vegetarian.

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